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Female comic book superhero works

Wonder Woman for Hollywood

They said a female comic book superhero movie couldn’t work. They said women couldn’t direct big-budget action blockbusters. They said audiences overseas wouldn’t go for a big-budget spectacular not centered around a white guy. They said a lot of things over the last few decades.

Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman just outgrossed the entire global total of Green Lantern ($219m) this weekend. Oh, and by tomorrow, it will probably be the biggest DC Comics movie ever not based around Batman or Superman. Sorry, Constantine ($230m in 2005 and sans 3D), I still think you’re pretty cool.…  Wed.,  07  June 2017

A thousand US CEOs and mayors: ‘we will continue to fight climate change’

The Paris Agreement is a blueprint for job creation, stability and global prosperity

Over a thousand mayors, businesses, investors, and academic institutions have signed a pact to continue fighting climate change in the US despite Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement.

Last week, Mr Trump pulled out of the Paris accord, stressing that it puts American workers at an “economic disadvantage” and that it is “unfair” for the US economy.

The “We Are Still In” initiative represents $6.2 trillion of the US economy – composed of bipartisan “drivers of the real economy,” Lou Leonard, World Wildlife Fund’s Senior Vice President of Climate Change and Energy, told The Independent.…  Tue.,  06  June 2017

Machine-learning promises to shake Finance

Trading, credit, fraud: machine-learning is in progress

MACHINE-LEARNING is beginning to shake up finance. A subset of artificial intelligence (AI) that excels at finding patterns and making predictions, it used to be the preserve of technology firms. The financial industry has jumped on the bandwagon. To cite just a few examples, “heads of machine-learning” can be found at PwC, a consultancy and auditing firm, at JP Morgan Chase, a large bank, and at Man GLG, a hedge-fund manager. From 2019, anyone seeking to become a “chartered financial analyst”, a sought-after distinction in the industry, will need AI expertise to pass his exams.

Despite the scepticism of many, including, surprisingly, some “quant” hedge funds that specialise in algorithm-based trading, machine-learning is poised to have a big impact. Innovative fintech firms and a few nimble incumbents have started applying the technique to everything from fraud protection to finding new trading strategies—promising to up-end not just the humdrum drudgery of the back-office, but the more glamorous stuff up-front.…  Tue.,  30  May 2017

Quant Hedge Funds

A new sort of hedge fund relies on crowd-sourcing

“QUANT” hedge funds have long been seen as the nerdy vanguard of finance. Firms such as Renaissance Technologies, Two Sigma and Man AHL, each of which manages tens of billions of dollars, hire talented mathematicians and physicists to sit in their airy offices and develop trading algorithms. But what if such talent could be harnessed without the hassle of an expensive and time-consuming recruitment process? That is the proposition Quantopian, a hedge fund and online crowd-sourcing platform founded in 2011, is testing. Anyone can learn to build trading algorithms on its platform. The most successful are then picked to manage money. Last month the firm announced it had made its first allocations of funds to 15 algorithms it had selected. …  Thu.,  18  May 2017

How much is Apple worth?

Apple may soon become the world’s first trillion-dollar company

Buoyed by the forthcoming release of the iPhone 8, shares of Apple have been on an absolute rampage lately. Over the past few months, Apple shares have skyrocketed by nearly 50%. In fact, Apple shares earlier today reached a brand new all-time high, eclipsing the $153.50 threshold for the first time in company history. In the process, Apple’s market cap surpassed $800 billion for the first time.

One of the reasons why Apple shares jumped up today —  iPhone 8 rumors aside — is because Berkshire Hathaway (of Warren Buffet fame) more than doubled its investment in Apple over the past few months. During the last quarter alone, Berkshire Hathaway’s holdings in Apple increased from $7.1 billion to $19.2 billion. And seeing as how Buffet is largely regarded as the most successful investor in history, Buffet gracing Apple shares with his blessing goes a long ways towards convincing other investors that Apple has plenty of room for growth ahead.…  Tue.,  09  May 2017

Facebook Reports Strong First Quarter

Earnings Beat Estimates

Facebook reported another solid first-quarter on Wednesday, with revenue that beat analysts’ estimates, thanks to strong demand for the social network’s mobile ads and solid user growth across its suite of apps.

Revenue in the first quarter, ending March 31, rose 49% to $8.03 billion, from $5.38 billion in the same period a year earlier, topping the $7.83 billion expected on average among analysts polled by Yahoo Finance. The gains represent Facebook’s eighth straight quarterly revenue beat, buoyed by mobile video ads sales, including those on Instagram. Mobile ad revenue represented about 85% of total ad sales in the latest quarter, up from the prior quarter (84%) and up from 82% in the same period a year earlier. Facebook’s global ad revenue is expected to total $36.29 billion this year, according to forecasting firm eMarketer, making Facebook the largest ad seller after Google.

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Insurance fintech offers diabetes life & disability cover

Insurance tech company help ‘uninsurable’ diabetics

A South African insurance technology company supported by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway is launching a life insurance product for diabetics in the UK. AllLife has partnered with Royal London, the UK’s largest mutual insurer, to offer a new product to diabetics previously regarded as “uninsurable” because of their condition. AllLife uses an algorithmic pricing platform called Kaliber to deliver a cost-effective life insurance product.…  Tue.,  25 April 2017

Augmented Reality, The FaceBook’s Next Frontier

Mix the physical and digital in whole new ways

At the company’s annual developer conference on Tuesday, CEO Mark Zuckerberg took the wraps off his plans to “mix the physical and digital in whole new ways” using AR, the nascent and potentially revolutionary technology being worked on by Apple, Microsoft, Snap, Magic Leap, and others. Starting Tuesday, Facebook will give developers the ability to build their own AR effects for the Facebook app’s camera. The effects will be relatively basic initially and function similarly to Snapchat’s lenses, which can place puppy dog ears or a flower crown on your face.

But eventually, Facebook plans to use AR through its app’s camera to show things like menu information at a restaurant, virtual steam rising from a real coffee cup, and virtual, 3D art that cascades from a blank wall.…  Wed.,  19 April 2017

What Do Startup Insurtech Companies Do?

8 different business

The global insurance industry is worth nearly $5 trillion, and insurance companies are at risk of losing a share of this valuable market to new entrants. That’s because these legacy players have been even slower to modernize than their counterparts in other financial services industries.

This has created an opportunity for a group of firms known as insurtechs. These startups are leveraging new technology and a better understanding of consumer expectations to increase efficiencies in the insurance industry. Some are helping incumbents deliver better end products, while others are directly competing with legacy players.…  Tue.,  18 April 2017

The exciting future of Magic Leap

Magic Leap purchased a startup founded by former Apple employees, and looked into shopping an Oscar-winning animation studio

Magic Leap is beefing adult a ranks with artists and animators from an Oscar-winning studio and maestro diversion designer, in a pointer that a $4.5 billion association believes calm could play a vicious purpose in a success of its highly-anticipated “mixed reality” product. Magic Leap’s special glasses, which overlay detailed digital imagery on tip of a genuine world, have wowed a tech industry’s leading personalities and attracted healthy investments from Google and Qualcomm, among others.

Magic Leap is approaching to boat as some form of a headset after this year, during a cost between $1,000 – $2,000.…  Tue.,  11 April 2017