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Stocks react after Japanese rate cut

http:/    Sun. 31  January. 

Tax policy: growing rift between European and US

Strongly worded comments are likely to worsen a growing rift between European and US officials over issues including tax policy and online privacy

http:/www.the    Sat. 30  January. 

Japan: negative interest rate

The Bank of Japan blindsided global financial markets Friday by adopting negative interest rates for the first time ever, buckling under pressure to revive growth in the world’s third-largest economy.

http:/    Fri. 29  January. 

The end of cash ?

Norway’s largest bank, DNB, has joined the relentless campaign by governments and big banks the world over to abolish cash, the physical embodiment of a nation’s monetary unit and the last tangible, if tenuous, link to the 19th-century gold standard.

http:/    Thu. 28  January. 

The 75-year debt supercycle

Dalio is one of the most successful hedge fund managers of all-time, founder of the $82 billion (£57.1 billion) Bridgewater Pure Alpha fund.

http:/    Wed. 27  January. 

China versus Soros

Chinese state media has stepped up a salvo of biting commentaries againstGeorge Soros and other currency traders as the yuan comes under pressure, with the billionaire investor accused of “declaring war” on the unit.

http:/    Wed. 27  January. 

McDonald’s Sales Are Up

Has all-day breakfast proved to be the sales-slump cure McDonald’s has been looking for? The world’s largest fast food burger chain revealed its earnings for the fourth quarter of 2015 this morning, and the results were better than expected. For the second quarter in a row, U.S. sales are up, following a two-year streak of steady declines for the McRib creator.    Tue. 26  January. 

Asian stock markets sink again

Asian stock markets sank Tuesday, led by a plunge in the Shanghai index, after a renewed slump in the price of oil kept investors on edge about the global economy.    Tue. 26  January. 

Dividend Stocks

Investors should consider waiting out the storm or buying short-term high yielding products or dividend stocks, says Allianz Global Investors’ Kristina Hooper.    Sun. 24  January. 

2016 economic outlook

The global economy in 2016 is likely to be dominated by concerns over China, the effects of cheap oil, and divergence in US and European monetary policy.    Sat. 23  January.