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US companies: mountain of new debts

US companies issued $517 billion of debt in the last year

US companies have issued a staggering amount of debt, but it’s not a problem. At least that’s according to Adam Parker, chief equity strategist at Morgan Stanley. In a note to clients Tuesday, Parker noted thatthe massive $517 billion in new debt issued by US corporations in the past 12 months is the second-highest mark ever. … Tue., 31 May 2016.

Toyota will buy Google’s robotics

Toyota on the verge of buying Google’s Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics is known for making robots that use limbs in a natural, organic way. The robots react to the environment rapidly in real time, and are a showcase of unprecedented agility and speed in robotics. According to a report by TechInsider, Toyota is close to finalising a deal to buy Boston Dynamics from Google. The news follows a reports of a string of Boston Dynamics talent leaving to join Toyota Research Institute. … Mon., 30 May 2016.

Neoliberalism: IMF doubts

Neoliberalism: Oversold?

Instead of delivering growth, some neoliberal policies have increased inequality, in turn jeopardizing durable expansion
http://www.imf.orgSun., 29 May 2016.

Blockchain bright future

Goldman Sachs examines seven real-world applications of blockchain technology

In a recently published research report, Goldman Sachs goes a step further in blockchain research, shifts its focus from theory practice, examines seven real-world applications of blockchain and identifies, itemizes, and quantifies the players, dollars and risks for blockchain to reach its full potential. The report is the fourth in the Profiles in Innovation series that analyzes how emerging technologies are creating profit pools and disrupting old ones.
http://www.econotimes.comSat., 28 May 2016.

Towards Scottish Independence if BREXIT wins

Brexit would lead to Scottish independence vote

Union — dubbed a Brexit — and will opt to leave the UK, former First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond said on Thursday night. … Fri., 27 May 2016.

China and US clash over cheap steel imports

US levied duties of up to 450% on steel imports from China

Beijing has accused the US of damaging trade after Washington levied new duties of up to 450% on a specific steel imports from China.It was the latest move by the US against cheap steel imports. The new tax to protect domestic production affects corrosion-resistant steel. Lower duties will be put on steel from a number of other countries. … Thu., 26 May 2016.

Toyota investing in ride-hailing company Uber

After GM, Toyota deals with ride-hailing companies

Toyota said Tuesday it is investing in Uber, making it the latest car company to put money in a ride-hailing app. The Japanese company did not say how much the investment is worth. As part of the deal, Uber drivers can lease Toyota vehicles with money earned from their driving. … Wed., 25 May 2016.

Bayer’s $62 Billion Monsanto Bid

The world’s biggest seller of seeds and farm chemicals

Bayer AG offered $62 billion to buy Monsanto Co., deepening investor concern that it will strain its finances as it seeks to become the world’s biggest seller of seeds and farm chemicals. The German company on Monday said it had told Monsanto it’s willing to pay $122 a share in cash. Bayer’s stock dropped as much as 6 percent, extending losses since the potential deal was first revealed. Monsanto shares posted muted gains, rising 4.9 percent to $106.45 in New York trading, signaling that investors remain skeptical about the deal. … Tue., 24 May 2016.

Global Demand weakness

Central banks need bankers not academics or politicians

And I am sure there was a general nodding of heads at the meeting in Tokyo last week of big time finance ministers and central bankers. Yes, that’s right, I can hear them telling each other. It’s a problem when people choose to keep their wallets closed. We must use our “policy levers” to force these wallets open. We must create demand. … Mon., 23 May 2016.

Hedge funds ‘very important short position list’

841 Hedge funds tracked by Goldman Sachs

Hedge funds are known for making big bets, and there are none bigger than giant short positions. In Goldman Sachs’ quarterly “Hedge Fund Trend Monitor,” the bank tracked the movements of 841 hedge funds in the first quarter of 2016. Included in the note is the “Very Important Short Position” list, detailing the biggest bets by hedge funds that certain stocks will tank. … Sun., 22 May 2016.